SQL Server Practice Interview: Performance Tuning

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Get real-world practice interview questions for tuning SQL Server.

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Preparing for job interviews is essential. In this session, you’ll get real-world practice questions for performance tuning SQL Server, tips for fielding questions when you don’t know the answer, and guidance on handling special situations.

While this courses touches on several technical topics, the main focus of the course is the soft-skills required to prepare yourself to have a great interview.

This course features 50 minutes of videos and a cheat-sheet for interview candidates.

Course lessons include:

  • Get the most from the practice questions (4 minutes)
  • Download the interview prep cheat sheet
  • Practice Question 1 (11 minutes)
  • Practice Question 2 (5 minutes)
  • Practice Question 3 (5 minutes)
  • Practice Question 4 (7 minutes)
  • Practice Question 5 (4 minutes)
  • A critical bonus question
  • Practice Question 6 (7 minutes)
  • Stress tests, labs, and more (9 minutes)
  • SQL Server community resources on interviewing
  • Interviewing Quiz


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