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Learn to write Transact SQL queries for SQL Server — from SELECT to PIVOT, with lots of fun in between!

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This seminar will be held each Saturday from May 26 to Aug 11, 2018 (Online, 1 PM – 2:00 PM PDT)

The online course for students is here: https://sqlworkbooks.com/course/tsql-school-sql-seminar-may-to-august-2018/

Want to learn TSQL in your spare time?

This seminar introduces you to the Transact SQL language implemented in SQL Server, and takes you from newbie to a master of SELECT statements!

The seminar is designed for folks who want to learn by writing queries, but who can’t work it into a “normal” 9 to 5 weekday schedule. Each session is one hour and is held on Saturday afternoon (1 PM Pacific Time).

Want to learn it for free, and help me build out the curriculum?

I’m excited to build this course as we go along, with feedback from the students!

If we’re going too fast, we’ll slow down. If we’re going too slow, we’ll speed up. You’ll get opportunities to offer different solutions than I show, and to critique my solutions as well. If there are burning topics that aren’t on the syllabus, we’ll figure out how to work them in — or I’ll make sure that the topics go into the next level of the course, if that’s appropriate.

Because you’ll help me build the course, I’m limiting this first run of the course to 15 seats, and I’m giving them away for free.

In return for a free seat, I am asking for a commitment that you try to attend regularly, even if you need to miss a week. I know that it’s summer vacation season, and folks may miss a week. That’s OK, I’d just like your commitment to not to drop out if you miss a week or if some weeks are hard– I want your feedback, and I want you to keep at it!

Seminar format and recordings

Most weeks will follow this format for the live class using a GoToWebinar session:

  1. Go over last week’s query-writing challenges (“write a query that…”) with solutions.
    • This will take up most of the class time
    • We’ll dig into the queries as well as how SQL Server decided to run them, by looking at the Query Execution Plans
  2. At the end of class, I’ll give out the next query writing challenge

Between classes, you’ll be tasked with working on your homework for the next class.

You don’t have to look at query execution plans while doing your homework, and no knowledge of execution plans is required to take this class. This course will also serve as an introduction to looking at execution plans, which will help you down the road as you continue writing queries.

We’ll see how well the built in Q&A feature in GoToWebinar works for this course in the first couple of sessions. We may switch over and use a more full fledged chat program like Slack to handle sharing code, if that works for the group.

Recordings of the session will be uploaded each week to the SQLWorkbooks site, along with a solutions script for the prior week’s homework and a script template outlining the next homework session.

What you’ll learn in this SQL Seminar series

Here is the planned syllabus for the course, by week. There is no homework for the first week other than setting up your test environment.

  1. Hello, world: connecting in SSMS, using databases, selecting metadata
  4. Conditions with CASE
  5. GROUPING data
  6. CTEs, Subqueries, and Derived Tables: oh, my!
  8. Working with NULLs
  9. Ranking, Numbering, and Running Totals with windowing functions
  10. Substrings and searching text – from LIKE to PATINDEX, with a side of COLLATE
  11. PIVOT like a startup
  12. Final challenges

As I mention above, the syllabus may change based on how the course goes — but this course will focus on read-only queries.*

Data modifications, looping, temporary objects, functions, and procedures are planned for the next seminar in this series, which we’ll build following the completion of this course.

*If your mind went straight to the question of whether a memory spill on a join or sort takes a SELECT query out of the “read-only” category, then I love ya, but you probably do not need an introductory TSQL Seminar, my friend.

This course is taught by me, Kendra Little

These days, I’m a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server, but I first started out with SQL Server as someone who simply loved learning to write queries. The joy of using TSQL has never faded for me, and I’m excited to share it with you in this course!

Do I have to have a demo environment?

Technically you can write queries without ever running them, but running them makes this a lot more fun. Specifically, 99.999% more fun.₁

For this course you want to have a private SQL Server instance test environment which is able to restore the free WideWorldImporters sample database from Microsoft.

A virtual environment is totally fine, and this can be on your laptop, a desktop, or in the cloud somewhere.

₁ Personal estimate, no studies to date have been done on this metric.

What’s the experience like?

When you register for this seminar, you’ll be enrolled in an online GoToWebinar meeting invitation. The invitation makes it easy for you to block out each seminar session on your calendar (it’s technically one GoToWebinar that meets 12 times), and it also contains your unique information to connect.

Prior to the seminar, I’ll send you setup instructions on how you can test your connection, and where to download the sample database we’ll be using.

Each Saturday of the seminar, you’ll join the live GoToWebinar session. I’ll be live with my webcam and shared demo environment, and we’ll have lots of fun stepping through different ways to write queries!


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