Learn Indexing by Solving Problems – SQL Seminar


Learn to design indexes with Kendra Little – live and online — in just two days in this interactive series of SQLChallenges. This course will be held Sept 24-25, 2018. (Online, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT each day.)


This seminar takes place on Sept 24-25, 2018. (Online, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT each day)

Learn to design indexes in SQL Server — in just two days

SQL Server asks for a lot of indexes — but it does NOT always ask for the right index!

You need to know the essential principles of index design to create the best nonclustered index, filtered index, or indexed view to speed up your critical queries.

This course teaches you the fundamentals of creating disk-based, rowstore indexes in SQL Server in two four-hour sessions.

You will tackle a series of indexing SQLChallenges

Before the class you will receive instructions on how to set up your small demo environment.

In each day of this two day course, we’ll work through those challenges together, live, online! We’ll dig into the execution plans and explore why SQL Server has made the choices it’s made — and why it won’t always do what we want.

What you’ll learn

This hands-on experience teaches you how to choose the right key columns, when included columns help, when to use special indexes, and how to avoid workload-killing gotchas.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn to use query execution plans to decode how SQL Server is using your index, and whether or not changing the index is likely to make your query even faster.

You will see how SQL Server 2016’s Query Store feature offers you new tools for improving your indexes, and how Query Store compares to index Dynamic Management Views.

This course is taught by me, Kendra Little

I’m a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server, and I’ve been teaching index tuning in SQL Server around the world for years. This means that I’ve made most of the mistakes you can make with indexing — and also learned how to fix them!

Through it all, I still find index tuning to be a TON of fun – because it’s an amazing tool that enables you to make dramatic, long-lasting improvements in SQL Server’s performance.

Why does this online seminar take two days?

Learning is hard work – and I find that people come back to day 2 of a class with new ideas and great questions about what did — or didn’t — sink on on the first day.

Having two four-hour sessions over two days helps you learn more than a single eight hour session.

Can I watch the SQL Seminar later?

Yep! I’ll make the GoToWebinar recordings of the sessions available for the class after the seminar completes. You’ll have access to the recordings for a year.

What’s the experience like?

When you register for this seminar, you’ll get registered in an online GoToWebinar meeting scheduled for the two days you select in the dropdown. The invitation makes it easy for you to block out the session times on your calendar.

Two weeks before the seminar, I’ll send you all the demo scripts and outline indexing challenges for you to tackle before the class.

If you don’t have time to do the homework, don’t panic – If things get crazy at work and you don’t have time to do your homework ahead of time, or even if you just find the homework tricky and aren’t sure where to start – it’s totally fine. There’s no student-shaming in my classes, ever. Life happens, and you’re there to learn!

The days of the seminar, you’ll join the live GoToWebinar session. I’ll be live with my webcam and shared demo environment. You’re invited to follow along with your scripts, if you’d like — or you can simply watch and ask questions in the GoToWebinar chat window, if you learn better that way.

We’ll take a 10 minute break every 45 minutes to one hour, so everyone can move around and stretch, get coffee, take your dog outside, and so I can hold my officemate (a very shy corgi) up to the webcam to say “hi”.


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