How to Decipher CXPACKET and Control Parallelism – SQL Seminar


Learn how to configure parallelism and how to interpret tricky CXPACKET waits in this live, online seminar with Kendra Little. SQL Symposium members may watch a recording of this seminar anytime here.

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A recording of this seminar is up for immediate viewing by SQL Symposium members. Watch here.

Learn to tune parallelism and interpret CXPACKET waits in SQL Server

Tuning parallelism has always been complicated — and with the introduction of new CXCONSUMER waits, it’s only getting more tricky to interpret.

What you’ll learn

In this four-hour live seminar, you’ll explore the “max degree of parallelism” and “cost threshold for parallelism” settings in SQL Server, and learn what they mean. You’ll learn what NUMA is, and how to tell if SQL Server is using Automatic Soft NUMA for advanced configuration of your SQL Server instances.

You see CXPACKET and CXCONSUMER waits in action, and learn how to interpret these waits in your own environments. Finally, we’ll discuss why there’s no single simple formula for MAXDOP for every SQL Server — but we’ll lay out a process which you can use to tune parallelism settings in each of your environments.

This course is taught by me, Kendra Little

I’m a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server, and I also worked for many years as a Database Administrator in critical enterprise production environments. I learned early on as a DBA that the default settings that SQL Server gives you for controlling parallelism aren’t good – and I also learned the hard way not to believe any claims of “one simple trick” to configure this perfectly for all environments.

In this four hour seminar, I share my own process for tuning these settings for critical environments – plus a simplified process for any not-so-critical environments that you may need to administer, too.

Can I watch the SQL Seminar later?

Yep! I’ll make the GoToWebinar recording of the session available for the class after the seminar completes. You’ll have access to the recording for a year.

What’s the experience like?

When you register for this seminar, you’ll be enrolled in an online GoToWebinar meeting scheduled for the date you select in the dropdown. The invitation makes it easy for you to block out the seminar on your calendar, and it also contains your unique information to connect.

Prior to the seminar, I’ll send you setup instructions on how you can test your connection.

The day of the seminar, you’ll join the live GoToWebinar session. I’ll be live with my webcam and shared demo environment.

We’ll take a 10 minute break every hour or so. That way, everyone can move around and stretch, etc.


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