Quiz: SQL Server Management Studio Shortcuts & Secrets (Part 2)

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Quiz: SSMS Shortcuts, Part 2! 🙌

Did you miss the first quiz in this series?

Take a four question quiz here.

Want more SSMS Tips?

Check out the free online course, “SQL Server Management Studio Shortcuts and Secrets” to see demos of these tips, and more. There’s lots of fun tricks to use in SSMS.

2 thoughts on “Quiz: SQL Server Management Studio Shortcuts & Secrets (Part 2)

  1. I am still waiting for the Dark Theme! I am currently using SSMS 2016 (13.0.16100.1) and find it very unstable when using Registered Servers to connect to a number of servers (it usually works are first and then at some point it will die a sudden death when making another connection). Because of this I am leery of just updating to the next version now.

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