Quiz: Statistics in SQL Server

Quiz: Statistics in SQL Server 📈📊

  • I'm assuming you left the "Auto Create Statistics" database property set to true on your database. It's A Good Thing.
  • The question assumes that you have not enabled trace flag 2371.

Links and good reading

Stats auto-update gone wild

Jack Li writes about a case where the improvement to the auto-update statistics threshold went wrong for a customer and it caused them a performance problem. That’s an edge case, but a good reminder that even good changes cause regressions sometimes.

What does the new CE do?

Want to know what the new cardinality estimator changes, big picture? Microsoft’s documentation gives you three big examples.

SQL Server’s wising up about statistics, big time

When it comes to future changes on how statistics are handled, Adaptive Query Processing is going to knock our statistical socks off — in a good way. Watch a video about where this feature is starting in SQL Server 2017 from Microsoft Program Manager Joe Sack.