Quiz: Deadlocks

Quiz: Deadlocks 🗝

Test your knowledge on monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting deadlocks in SQL Server
  • Choose all which apply
  • I blurred out the word that gives the right answer, but you can figure it out!

2 thoughts on “Quiz: Deadlocks

  1. You cannot score a 100% on this quiz. It says “Blocked Process Report” is always unchecked. (Sad Panda)

    1. Hey Brian!

      Can you please clarify? Is it not letting you check off the Blocked Process Report? Or is it forcing you to?

      The Blocked Process Report itself doesn’t contain deadlock graphs, so it’s not part of the right answer. It contains blocking info, which may or may not be part of a deadlock, but deadlock info is in a separate event. I will add that information to the answer feedback detail, just to be more clear.


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