Training Resources for SQL Noobs

I’m linking to free resources for learning SQL Server here

There are lots of great paid resources, too. But we’re talking about freebies in this podcast episode — specifically free things that may be useful to beginners.

Also, I’m focusing on SQL Server resources, because that’s the kind of nerdery I’m into.

There are a ton of awesome blogs out there, but that’s going to have to be another episode, because we’ve got plenty to cover with other resources here!

Want to recommend resources I don’t have listed here? Add a comment!

Free, Interactive Training for Beginners

In-Person User Groups

Virtual User Groups

SQL Saturdays

Get Help from the Community

#SQLHelp on Twitter

SQL Server Community Slack

Sites Where All the Learning is Free

SQL Server Documentation – the Artist Formerly Known as “Books Online”

SQL Server Central Stairways

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Example course:

Podcasts galore

Dear SQL DBA Podcast

That’s mine!

Brent Ozar Unlimited Office Hours 

Voice of the DBA Podcast by Steve Jones

Some more advanced free resources

GroupBy, free online conference

SQLSkills 101 posts

I know, they’re called “101”, but most of them are 301 or higher if you ask me 🙂

Channel 9 SQL Server Videos



3 thoughts on “Training Resources for SQL Noobs

  1. is not the friendliest environment for a beginner SQL DBA, but make sure you check it out if you’re just starting as a SQL Developer.

  2. Very helpful, Thanks for sharing and this blog!

  3. The First Responder Kit at is also a great set of sql script both for noobs, and when taking over management of environments that someone else set up

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