Run SQL Server 2019 in a Docker Container (27 minutes)

Run SQL Server 2019 in a Docker Container

Docker images make it incredibly fast and easy to spin up the latest image of SQL Server on your local machine in a container. Follow along in this SQL Challenge to pull an image of SQL Server 2019, run it, query it, restore a database to it, and check out a cool new 2019 feature.

This SQLChallenge works a little different than normal:

  • The challenge uses Jupyter Notebooks in Azure Data Studio. Azure Data Studio is a free client from Microsoft which works on Windows, mac, and Linux.
  • I encourage you to follow along with the notebook (and not solve it on your own). That’s because you can customize the commands in the notebook to make them suit *your* preferences. The next time you want to come back and spin up another container, the notebook will have everything you need, just like you like it.

Get the Azure Data Studio notebooks to follow along with all the videos in this course:  SQLChallenge – Run SQL Server 2019 in a Docker Container - Notebooks (zip)