New SQLChallenge: Defuse the Deadlock

When I first created SQLWorkbooks, I distilled what it was all about down into one sentence: “Learn SQL Server by Solving Problems.”

This month, I introduce my first SQLChallenge, which distills that down into practice. The SQLChallenge features 23 minutes of video with scripts that you can use to reproduce and solve the problem yourself.

Defuse the Deadlock

In this SQLChallenge, you get:

  • Scripts and a video showing you how to reproduce the deadlock
  • A copy of the deadlock graph

Your challenge: Design an index that prevents the deadlock from happening when the repro steps are run again

After you’re done working on preventing the deadlock, watch the videos showing how I strategized the solutions, and indexes I tested that prevent the deadlock (you get these, too, in the solution script).

Additional learning

In the videos where we defuse the deadlock together, you will learn:

  • Where the graphic deadlock may contain a lie
  • Why dropping a near-duplicate index could cause a deadlock to happen
Demonstrating solutions for defusing the deadlock
I show you how to reproduce the deadlock, plus how to strategize solving it

Worried you’ll get stuck?

Getting stuck is totally OK – it’s the struggle that gets you there in the end!

If you get totally frustrated, go ahead and watch the solution videos.

Then set yourself a reminder to retake the challenge in one week’s time. Running through the challenge again will lock in the learning.

What if I need to learn more?

I wouldn’t leave you without a safety net.

This SQLChallenge links you to a course which explains more of the background on what deadlocks are, how to capture deadlock graphs, and even more info on how to solve deadlocks — with a totally different deadlock example.

Even if you’ve never faced off with a deadlock before, you can solve ’em!

SQLChallenges are available to annual subscribers!

I’ll be releasing a SQLChallenge each month, and Annual Video League members get access to them all. Future challenges will include tuning queries, writing queries, creating and tuning indexes, fighting corruption, identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks, interpreting wait stats, and more.

I’m running a sale until February 23, 2018 and  Annual Video League memberships are 50% off!

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