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New Course Completion Certificates

Learning isn’t always easy. And we often forget to take a moment to congratulate ourselves for completing tasks when it comes to learning.

But finishing up a course shouldn’t go un-marked. A little celebration is in order!

In this spirit, I revamped Course Completion Certificates

I wish that I could appear with cupcakes and a set of balloons every time you finished an online course. That’s not in this year’s budget.

The least I could do is give you fun certificates.

Each course now has a custom certificate featuring art from the course, and this will be the case for all future courses as well.

I like the certificates so much that even SQL Challenges and Recorded Webcasts will have certificates, when they are published! Every kind of learning should have a fun reward.

When do I see the certificate?

Once you’ve completed all lessons in a course and passed the quiz, the certificate appears on the course page and in your list of courses.

To complete a video lesson, you simply press the “Complete Lesson” button at the bottom of the page. This also marks the lesson with a green checkbox in the Course Progress navigation menu, so it’s easy to keep track of where you are in the course.

Course surveys are always optional– this doesn’t mean you have to fill one out, if you’re not inclined to give feedback. You can just hit “complete lesson” without filling out the survey.

But you do have to pass the Quiz 🙂

The "view certificate" button appears in blue at the top of the course page after completion
The “view certificate” button appears in blue at the top of the course page after completion

Are these certificates related to Microsoft certifications?

Nope. There’s no connection between these certificates and Microsoft certifications.

My courses here on SQLWorkbooks are designed to build practical, real-world skills for configuring and tuning SQL Server, writing reliable code, and getting the most out of SQL Server’s features. I base the courses on my experiences as a DBA, a consultant, and the questions that I get from people using SQL Server — not based on Microsoft’s current certifications.

This also means that “guess the new Enterprise feature as the correct answer” is unlikely to work on my quizzes 😉

Do I get a certificate for a free course?

Yes! Currently I have one free course on offer. Over time I plan to increase that number, and free courses will all have completion certificates as well.

What if I completed a course in the past?

These new certificates are available retroactively for courses you’ve completed in the past, as long as all lessons are complete and you passed the quiz. If you’re having problems seeing a certificate or have any questions, just let me know the details (please include your login id, the course in question, and a screenshot if there’s an error) and I’ll help out! Everything looked good when I tested it, but those are famous last words.

What do you mean by ‘trials’ on the certificate?

I work in technology. I know how many times you’ve been interrupted while trying to absorb information. Learning doesn’t come without all sorts of trials — which is all the more reason to celebrate yourself a bit when you finish a course.

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