Try Your Hand at 30+ Free SQL Server Quizzes

Unicorn Quiz Time

Unicorn Quiz TimeWriting quizzes is a tricky thing: you learn quickly how challenging it is to choose precise, accessible, and accurate words in questions and answers. Lately, I’ve been writing a quiz a week. Like anything else, the more quizzes you write, the better you get at writing quizzes… or at least the easier it gets 😉

I’m up to more than 30 quizzes, and they’re all free and online.

Head over to this page to try any or all of the SQL Server quizzes I wrote in 2017.

The top 3 quizzes of 2017…

The three most popular quizzes from last year are (🥁 please)

I’m looking forward to writing many more quizzes in 2018!

Now that I’ve organized the existing quizzes by topic, I see loads of opportunities to write many more interesting quizzes. Here’s to a fun year with lots of learning.

1 thought on “Try Your Hand at 30+ Free SQL Server Quizzes

  1. Hi Kendra,
    great quizzes – challenging questions and good short explanations.
    Looking forward for more.

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