SQL Server Diagnostics: New “Analyze Dumps” feature

Note: features come and features go — and it looks like this one was discontinued in January, 2018. If you are a customer who would like help interpreting stack dumps, Microsoft’s current guidance is to engage their product support team.

There’s a brand new add-in in town

Microsoft’s new free add-in allows you to upload stack dumps to the cloud for automated diagnosis.

See a demo of this tool (currently in preview), in this 8 minute video:

Ready to get started and test this out yourself?

Read this post to get a list of supported SQL Server versions and more (currently SQL Server 2008+).

You must have a recent version of the SSMS client tools to use the add-in.

Download SQL Server Diagnostics (Preview) from Microsoft here.

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6 thoughts on “SQL Server Diagnostics: New “Analyze Dumps” feature

  1. If anyone wants to do this form the command line – I have written a PowerShell Module called SQLDiagAPI

    1. That sounds awesome!

  2. Thanks for this post and all your insightful posts. I also look forward to your Weekly Quizletter.

    I’ve used this to analyze dumps from a SQL 2012 instance. The results of one of the dumps was useful and directed me to a solution that seems to work as those dumps did not recur. From a different SQL 2012 instance, I analyzed a dump file and the results said I should install a KB that I cannot find (internal or does not exist). My post to the Microsoft blog site on this result was not addressed. It’s a preview product, so I understand that results may not be as desired until it is RTM.

  3. Any idea if this is still functioning? I tired using it today to check out a dump file and it gives a “Can’t reach this page” error.

  4. Oops. Just checked the main link and saw this service was shut down on 1/9/18.

    1. Oh, wow, I see — looks like it’s needed to engage with Microsoft CSS Support once again for help analyzing these. Interesting, I hadn’t heard about that! Thank you for commenting and documenting it here — I will add a note at the top of the post.

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