Learn SQL Server by Solving Problems

Troubleshoot blocking

Defeat deadlocks

Master index design

Break down execution plans

Master query hints and isolation levels

Speed up partitioning and columnstore

Ace interviews, from either side of the table

Learn it all at your own pace with online videos, demos, and quizzes

  • Conquer Blocking and Isolation Levels - SQL Seminar

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    Learn how choose the right isolation levels, to prevent blocking, and to stomp out bad data in this live, online SQL Seminar, packed with demos and real-world scenarios. This seminar will be held July 11 - 12, 2018 (Online, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT daily).
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  • SQL Symposium™

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    All online SQL Seminars with recordings, plus all online video courses, current and past SQLChallenges, and recordings of live webcasts.
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SQL Learning League™
Monthly live, online SQLChallenges with recordings
Exclusive webcasts with recordings
All online video courses
Quizzes and certificates
Captions, transcripts, adjustable video speed
Immediate access to new courses
SQL Symposium™
Six live, online SQL Seminars with recordings
Monthly live, online SQLChallenges with recordings
Exclusive webcasts with recordings
All online video courses
Quizzes and certificates
Captions, transcripts, adjustable video speed
Immediate access to new courses
SQL Seminars
$149-$399 each
Single live, online SQL Seminar with recording
Live SQLChallenges and solutions in the seminar
Seminar recording for one year
Course certificate

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SQL Learning League™

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✓ All past SQLChallenge recordings

✓ Subscriber-only live technical webcasts - these are 45 minutes to an hour each. Can't make it? Annotated, edited recordings will be posted to the library after the webcast

✓ All online video courses and past recorded webcasts

✓ Immediate access to new recorded video courses as they are released

✓Quizzes and certificates

All online video courses and SQLChallenges feature captions, transcripts, variable play speed, and downloads for the PDFs and demo scripts

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Can I purchase subscriptions for a team?”

Yes! The SQL Learning League Teams and SQL Symposium Teams products are set up to allow you to purchase seats for a variety of team sizes — you get discounts for purchasing more than one seat. The larger the team, the deeper the discount.

“Do I get the scripts and slides?”

Yep! A PDF of the slides and the demo scripts are ready for download so you can play with them on your own test instance.

“Can I watch at different speeds?”

Yes, the video player in each course allows you to speed up or slow down the video.

“Do videos have captions?”

Yep! Each video has captions, plus a written transcript below the video.

“What are the courses like?”

Try the free course below to find out. You can also preview lessons in lots of different courses from the Course Catalog.

Try a Free Course

SQL Server Management Studio Shortcuts & Secrets

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is so full of tiny buttons and options that it's hard to figure out the fastest way to get your work done. Learn tricks to simplify using SSMS and make using it more fun.

This free course has:

✓ 84 minutes of video demos

✓ Downloadable scripts for all the demos for you to practice on your own

✓ One 5-10 minute final quiz

Plus, get a desktop wallpaper and a cheat sheet to help you remember all the shortcuts and secrets.

This course is free. Registration is required to make the quiz at the end work.

Want to preview a couple of videos before creating a login? Go for it!

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